Get Ready for your 30 seconds of Climate Fame!

Help us build momentum for a #ClimateElection by shooting a 15-30 second video of yourself sharing your thoughts and feelings on climate change!

Start by asking a friend to film you for 15-30 seconds. You can do it at home or at a place you love that reminds you why you care about the environment.

For maximum impact, start with an emotional zinger or story. Make it personal, tangible, and concise; if you feel emotional, don’t hold back!

Under your face, hold a half-size paper (8.5 x 5.5 inches), with a few words about you & climate change. For the last few seconds, flip the page to the back where you’ve written “”

Here are two questions to get you started:

  • Q1: How might climate change affect me or a place I enjoy? Am I concerned about its impact on me or people younger than me?
  • Q2: How do you see the connection between climate and my top issues for the 2018 election.

If you enjoyed doing this, ask others you know who care about climate – family, friends, co-workers – to film videos too. You might even ask well-known people, maybe even political candidates or incumbents.

You can upload your videos directly to the new ClimateElection YouTube channel.

Need some inspiration? Check out the videos below!