Climate Election Team

ClimateElection grew out of ClimatePolitics (the umbrella name that includes ClimateCongress Wikipedia Project & ClimateCalifornia), a 501c3 project of the California Climate Breakthrough Initiative. Our team overlaps with the ClimatePolitics team.

Nithin Coca - Researcher

Nithin is an experienced global campaign, media, and advocacy professional. He has worked on campaigns for a diverse range of non-profits, including the Sierra Club, Peace Action, Obama for America, Greenpeace, SumofUS, and Rainforest Action Network. Internationally, Coca has worked on in advocacy and environmental research in Indonesia, Uganda, Nepal, and South Africa. He is also a Freelance Journalist, focusing on pressing social and environment issues, and his pieces have appeared in, among others, Quartz (Atlantic Monthly), The Diplomat, Al Jazeera, Triple Pundit, Sustainable Brands, and Equal Times. More at


Felix Kramer - Co-founder

Felix Kramer is an ex-entrepreneur and strategic communicator. He has launched, led, and promoted environmental, political and IT projects. He founded and helped win the eight-year campaign for mass production of plug-in hybrid cars like the Chevy Volt. He advises clean energy companies. A husband and parent, he now focuses on ways those who accept the reality of climate change can appreciate its urgency and take is his personal think-tank on missing pieces for climate ideas and campaigns. More at


Antoine McGrath - Technical Consultant & Engineer

Antoine started his work with policy and information during a 2008 congressional internship. He has worked on environmental impact statements for federal projects and has worked for the Internet Archive. His website is a free centralized resource for unbiased congressional policy documents. The site is of use to the general public as well as law libraries and off the Hill government employees.


Mike Mielke - Co-founder

Mike is a father, husband and climate action catalyst. He believes climate change is the most important issue of our time and he aims to help do as much as he can to help prevent runaway climate change before it is too late.  Mike believes it is critical to raise awareness and educate the public so they can make better informed decisions. Mike is the Sr. VP for Energy and Environment with the Silicon Valley Leadership Group, a public policy trade association. He is also the Executive Director of the California Climate Breakthrough Initiative, nonpartisan 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public on climate change.


Noor Ramay - Social Media

Noor Ramay has spent the last six years working in social media marketing, email marketing, and media relations. She has recently become an advocate for changing the conversation on climate change. Noor believes it is one of the most critical issues of our time and wants to use her experience in social media marketing to raise awareness and encourage action.


Rand Wrobel - Project Manager

Rand Wrobel is a co-Founder, Director and the Communications Coordinator for the grassroots regional climate activism group, 350 Bay Area (350BA). He has managed email, website, and media relations, supported social media, coordinated events and represented 350BA to numerous groups, and regulatory and legislative governmental bodies. With software, workflow, database and communications expertise, Rand is guiding a digital communications revamp for 350BA as a template for other climate activism groups. He is also the Founder and volunteer Executive Director of LilliWorks Foundation, supplying equipment for children with severe disabilities.