How We Can Make 2018 A Climate Election

Our rationale and strategy for a campaign to Make 2018 a Climate Election.

More than anything, we want 2018 to be a unification year. We want people everywhere to act on what so many feel is true: We’re All In This Together–especially on climate change! That’s what our Call to Action for a Climate Election can enable.

It’s time for an unprecedented coalition

A broad call to talk frequently about climate change can inspire millions to say to everyone they know, “We’re already living in a changed climate. We and people we know are experiencing extreme weather. We can’t wait for even one more year to start doing whatever it takes to protect our health, our families, our jobs, our homes, our communities, our futures. We are starting by self-organizing where we live to make 2018 a Climate Election.”

None of us can do this alone. But together we have a chance. NGO leaders, advocates, and grassroots groups can collaboratively plan a nonpartisan campaign to make 2018 A Climate Election. We believe an unprecedented coalition, rallying for Climate & Clean Energy Jobs, can turn out non-voters and change the outcome of this and future elections at all levels of government.  majority of Americans already say they want to take climate into account as they vote. We want candidates to know they must address climate to be credible, and that voters will watch what they say and do on climate and clean energy.

Our climate challenge is not about Democrat-Independent-Republican. It’s about creating a political environment that holds incumbents and candidates accountable. It’s about fostering election-year dialogues that reflect public opinion in every state and reject the fossil fuel industry’s messages and money. It’s about moving our most critical issue into the center of national dialogue for every election from now on.

Building on FossilFree, ZeroCarbon, Climate Emergency, and other resolutions at local and state levels, a successful Climate Election campaign can produce Senate and House majorities with governing strategies based on human needs and science.

One goal, one event, one step

We’re working to gain endorsement and sponsorship for a broad Coalition for A Climate Election (not a new group) to work through existing coordination channels.

We propose that this coalition jointly convene a livestream Climate Election Mobilization Rally, ASAP. (Before that, individual organizations may present to thousands of insiders and activists this and other strategies for a Climate Election.) There, the coalition will energize hundreds of thousands of their most engaged and motivated members and followers to reach out to millions of their members and many millions more who want to vote for climate action. Earth Day, April 22, 2018, could be a target date for the first coordinated actions.

What “Talk About A Climate Election Everywhere & Often” can look like

A broad joint invitation to supporters to join this hopeful, urgent nationwide campaign will be unprecedented. To inspire those who doubt they can make a difference. we can ask them to take personal and group actions. For those many millions, in the models presented by the 2010 Tea Party and 2018’s Indivisible, “Talk About A Climate Election Everywhere & Often” might include:

  • Start with family talks in your kitchen and car. Gain confidence to host a handful of people for a conversation in your living room. Include some who don’t share your climate concerns.
  • Wear buttons saying Climate Election 2018, I Love My Solar Job, etc. Talk it up where you work, learn, pray, play, shop, and eat.
  • Invite friends and colleagues to join you (with research from places like at election events with hand-made signs and heart-felt questions.
  • We’ve gathered resources from organizations like EcoAmerica to help you learn how to communicate climate change effectively.

Meanwhile, experienced activists can urge event moderators and journalists to ask at least two simple nonpartisan questions: “Is climate change real?” and “If elected, what do you pledge to do about it?” By next summer, at packed debates and forums, gaining energy from events including the September 2018 Global Climate Action Summit in California, things will heat up for candidates who duck or say no to climate action, clean jobs, and clean energy.

We can get millions of Americans to Talk about A Climate Election Everywhere & Often. Our new heroes can be people who build a safer and more prosperous future for us all, who switch to clean energy, who talk up, meet, and march for A 2018 Climate Election — and who register voters and jam debates.

2018 can be our moment  — if we seize this opportunity! This can be a transformational year in climate awareness and action!

Felix Kramer & Mike Mielke

This initiative originates from two climate-focused activists. For over 15 years, ex-entrepreneur Felix Kramer has volunteered full-time, founding and writing about climate awareness and solutions projects. Mike Mielke has built coalitions for corporate and philanthropic sustainability and political action. In 2016, we started the ClimatePolitics wiki.