Now Forming:
SF Bay Area 2018 Climate Election Action Group

We’re forming a Bay Area Climate Election Action Group (a meetup group, NOT a new organization) to show how this campaign can look locally and pave the way for national efforts. Now you can JOIN the new Meetup Group! Here’s a flyer .

Creatives? Help on messages, slogans, tweets, buttons, and t-shirts. Organizers? Reach out for volunteers and endorsements. Tech? Work on applications. And maybe you know someone to can step up as half-time Project Director for 9 months.

This concrete first example will help us get endorsements of the ClimateElection from 80+ targeted organizations and leaders. And our packages can be picked up, localized, and used by anyone in the country. You can JOIN the new Meetup Group group wherever you’re from to stay informed and spread the word.

Thanks! Now you can JOIN the new Meetup Group! Here’s a flyer to send or print out.