About Climate Election

ClimateElection is a project of ClimatePolitics, which launched in August 2016 on a bare-bones budget and has made significant progress to make it easy to see what candidates and elected officials say and do about climate change.

ClimatePolitics started with two ongoing projects: ClimateCongress, launched in October 2016, documented the climate change positions and public statements of all 34 Senate races and nearly 100 competitive House races. Next, in 2017, we launched ClimateCalifornia to profile members of the state legislature. Ahead of what was a historic legislative session, we added an automatic Climate Bill Tracker and our first Tweets Database. Now we’re working to expand ClimatePolitics with partners in other states and localities.

Learn about the team behind Climate Politics and ClimateElection here.

ClimatePolitics and Climate Election are projects of the California Climate Breakthrough Initiative (CCBI), a 501(c)3 project of  Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), focusing on sharing objective information, made available to all. We intend for all information to be substantive, factual, objective, and fully sourced. To reach us, email us info@climateelection.org