The Campaign to Make 2018 A Climate Election isn’t just a wishful “If Only” fantasy. We see how the growing wave of interest in the 2018 elections can coalesce around climate, science, and truth. Our solid focus on long-term human needs for a livable world can ally with many associated movements and avoid short-term distractions. That can make climate an issue in electoral campaigns everywhere in 2018.

Time Until The 2018 ELection








In addition to believing it can happen, we have ideas for how to get there. And we need your help! Grassroots Prototype Now Forming: We are envisioning how a Climate Election can look locally with a Bay Area Climate Election Action Group on Meetup. We’ll work on memes, slogans, videos, buttons, t-shirts. We’ll run contests for ideas and designs. Join wherever you’re from to watch our progress, pitch in, and spread the idea. Call to Action for a Climate Election: Help us reach the more than 80 influential organizations and voices to invite them to join in endorsing a nonpartisan, unifying action with a single goal, event, and step.

  • One Goal: We can Make 2018 A Climate Election;
  • One Event: Join a kickoff livestream Climate Election Mobilization Rally;
  • One Step: Millions of Americans start to Talk About a Climate  Election Everywhere & Often

About this initiative. It originates from two climate-focused activists. For over 15 years, ex-entrepreneur Felix Kramer has volunteered full-time, founding and writing about climate awareness and solutions projects. Mike Mielke has built coalitions for corporate and philanthropic sustainability and political action. In 2016, we started the ClimatePolitics wiki.