We Ask Organizations, Advocates, and Officials to Agree to:

“Make 2018 A Climate Election”

We want to feel hopeful about our country and our future. In a year when many issues will fuel political and electoral activity, let’s move Climate Change & Clean Energy Jobs — our greatest challenge and our greatest opportunity — to the center of public awareness. How? By empowering voters everywhere to question and respond to what candidates say and do about climate.

Without diverting attention or resources from existing plans for 2018, for the first time, many groups are getting behind one goal. We’ll organize one event. We’ll ask everyone who recognizes the urgent need for climate action to start with one step.

  • GOAL: We aim to get over five million Americans working to Make 2018 A Climate Election. Whatever other slogans we promote, we support: CLIMATE ELECTION 2018.
  • EVENT: We’ll launch ASAP with a livestream Climate Election Mobilization Rally to assemble hundreds of thousands at energizing watch parties at homes and meeting places in every Congressional District. Our roadmap will show ways to activate millions who want to vote for climate action. (Some of us will hold lead-in events for our members.)
  • FIRST STEP: We’ll say to our members and followers: “If you’re looking for something you can do about climate, we ask you to Talk About a Climate Election Everywhere & Often. We’ll amplify all our voices.”

This is the call to action we are asking endorsers to support and volunteers to promote.